Jacqueline Fae
(The Faery Matchmaker | CEO & Founder of IDL Match Club
Author, Love Manifestation Expert, and Dating Coach)

Jacqueline Fae is the CEO & Founder of IDL Match Club, Author of several books including her latest “Attracting the Love of Your Life: 30-Day Manifestation Guide”, as well as The Faery Matchmaker, celebrity matchmaker and love expert.

With over a decade spent as a working actress in Hollywood, Jacqueline has had her share of “LA” relationships and spent many years single and wading in the dating pool. She began her career studying Psychology with a focus on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) understanding the reasons people act the way we do in relationships. Why do we pick the partners that we do?

During her studies she discovered that she had an additional intuitive ability that helped her clients decode their own underlying values, break old patterns and open up to the loving relationship they have always dreamed of.

Jacqueline had saw expedited success in helping clients to find their soulmates and utilizing her training and skills to address her own relationship blockages, Jacqueline was able to mend her broken heart and truly overcome the most difficult and sudden “breakup” of her life.

Within two years she was healed enough to connect with the love of her life, Ramón. They are now raising two beautiful, young boys together.  Jacqueline believes that everyone deserves love, and her personal mission is to help as many people as possible to experience the greatest joy in the world: true love. ️


(VP of Event Operations & Personal Stylist)

Shara was born and raised in Long Island, New York and currently resides in Miami, Florida.  With a degree in business and over a decade in event planning, Shara has extensive networking experience. She has established many lifelong friendships & relationships with CEOs, Celebrities & High-profile individuals.  Shara coordinates and manages our most exclusive events around the country.

Her natural ability and enthusiasm to help bring people together, gives our clients a memory they will forever cherish.  Her personality and energy has created many beautiful and meaningful relationships with people from all around the world.

As a role model and personal stylist, she uses her talent to help others acquire confidence to build the best version of themselves, both personally & professionally. She focuses on balancing the mind, body and soul to live an enriching and fulfilled life. Shara is elegant & sophisticated with great appreciation for beauty, style, fitness, health, fashion, traveling and spending time with her close family and friends.


(Head Recruiter)

Natalina’s main goal in life is to help others. She enjoys the recruiting process of helping others find life’s greatest gift – Love.

Natalina has a Bachelors in Communications from CSUF and studied psychology. She’s good at reading people at a deeper level and understands what brings them happiness.  She also spent over a decade working in entertainment as a model, actress, and voice over artist.

Her experience in the entertainment industry has helped her to find such incredible, attractive and successful women to work with. She has an extensive sales background working for luxurious & high profile companies like Mercedes and Disney. Natalina’s knowledge and background experience make her very equipped for recruiting only the best & qualified candidates for IDL match club.



Otherwise known as the fate behind the first date, meet Athena from Boston, MA! Currently located in Palm Beach, FL., Athena is one of our ultimate matchmakers and recruiters.

She has an incredible passion for bringing people together, and she is one you could count on for anything! Her reliability, passion, and commitment to IDL and our members is what makes her yet another fantastic addition to our team.


(Recruiter/Event Coordinator)

Rachelle has always been a connecter. She loves meeting people and connecting them, and making matches. She is originally from London, and Ontario Canada.

She moved to the USA to go to Creighton University on an athletic scholarship and then went to Graduate school in Florida at FAU and did my MS in Exercise Physiology.

She is incredibly passionate about making love connections. She loves networking, and helping to throw events and connecting like minded people together.


Hayden Van Hulzen

Founder & CEO – HVH Media & Marketing
847-656-6858 | hayden@hvhmarketing.com

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