MYIMPERFECTLIFE.COM – When is ‘dating’ different from ‘talking’?  Why experts say you shouldn’t worry about relationship timelines

August 21/2023


While scrolling your FYP, you’ve inevitably stumbled upon relationship timeline explainers that have made you question everything about your love life.

There’s no need to fret—we’ve been there, too. We’ve wondered when and how to have the defining the relationship talk so that we could advance the situationship…or what we thought might’ve been a situationship. We’ve encountered mighty-long talking stages before actually meeting in real life. And yes, we’ve done more analyzing than we physically thought possible.

So, if you’re trying to place yourself in a timeline and wondering how to move on from one phase to the next, we’ll let you in on a little secret: don’t. According to dating expert Jacqueline Fae, things don’t have to be so complicated.

So, you’ve told your friends you’re “dating” when you’re simply flirting with matches on Hinge. You’ve thrown out the affectionate boyfriend/girlfriend title when you’re only dating. The terminology can be confusing, and at times, we tend to blur lines. But why is there a need to define every. single. little. behavior while on the road to a relationship?

“Every relationship is different and to categorize them like that is a bit unfair,” said Fae.

Instead of worrying where you and your match fall on a line graph, just pay attention to your connection and growing it, if you so choose.

MYIMPERFECTLIFE.COM – Are you stuck in a ‘Delusionship’ ? Here’s when the innocent phenomenon can turn toxic, according to dating coaches

July 26/2023


We hate to break the news, but you’ve been in a “delusionship” at some point throughout your romantic journey-we all have.

Whether it’s pining over an old flame or endlessly admiring a nearby stranger on the train, it’s easy to build up a connection in our minds that doesn’t necessarily exist. Yes, there’s a hopeless romantic in all of us, even if we don’t care to admit it.

“It is very easy for people to romanticize their crush, and it’s a natural thing,” insists dating coach Nelly Sudri. “You start going down this rabbit hole and envisioning what it could be like to be in a relationship, and I think that’s where [delusionships] stem from.”

Although it’s a seemingly innocent and common phenomenon, a delusionship has the ability to become harmful if we’re not careful. Here’s how to avoid falling down said rabbit hole à la Alice. 

THEKNOT.COM – The Best Long Distance Date Ideas That Aren’t Just Sitting on FaceTime

July 26/2023

These activities will help build your bond even while apart.
Whether you and your signifcant other are facing an upcoming separation or you’ve been at this whole “long-distance thing” for a while now, coming up with long distance date ideas to keep your bond strong isn’t always easy. In fact, it can seem like you always end up just detailing each other’s days over FaceTime.

To take your time together beyond just the standard chat, we compiled the best long distance date ideas with help from some relationship experts:

Amber Lee is the CEO and Co-Founder of Select Date Society and a professional matchmaker.
Kristi Price is the Founder of KP Matchmaking and Biohacker Matchmaking, a certified matchmaker and a dating coach.
Professional matchmaker Susan Trombetti is the CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking.
Jacqueline Fae is the CEO and Founder of IDL Match Club.
Scroll on to see 11 long distance relationship ideas that’ll help build your bond even while you’re apart.

FORBESBRUNEI.COM – From Scream Queen to Matchmaking Queen: Jacqueline Fae’s Inspirational Journey of Building a Seven-Figure Empire Amidst Motherhood

July 17/2023


In today’s high-pressure society, balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship may seem like an insurmountable challenge. Yet, Jacqueline Fae has not only achieved this delicate equilibrium but also excelled in both aspects, demonstrating that women can have it all. The former B actress and Scream Queen has successfully transitioned her career from the limelight to leading her own seven-figure matchmaking empire, IDL Match Club, all while raising two young children.

Jacqueline Fae’s Background: The Alluring World of Acting

Before her meteoric rise in the world of matchmaking, Jacqueline Fae enjoyed a thriving career as an accomplished actress. She earned her title as a Scream Queen through numerous appearances in horror films, captivating audiences with her on-screen presence. However, as her passion for helping others find true love grew, Fae decided to shift her career path and pursue her dream of establishing her own matchmaking business. With determination and a clear vision, she embarked on the journey to create IDL Match Club.

GETMEGIDDY.COM – Should You Really Be Spilling on Socials About Your Bad Dates?

April 24/2023

“I just paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant,” Dafna Diamant confessed to about 9 million strangers on TikTok. Diamant ditched her Hinge date because he refused to pay $3 extra for cheese on his burger. Her comments debated whether or not this is an actual dating deal-breaker, with some people wondering if she was being “for real,” while others failed to understand why she left a guy who “seems really nice” and was “not a catfish” over a $3 slice of cheese.

EXPRESS.CO.UK – ‘It’s magic’: Love guru says thinking alone led her to The One – how to do it yourself

Mar 03/2023

Love is the greatest joy in the world, according to Jacqueline Fae. The relationship expert and author has made it her mission to help people realise their worth and value to attract the loving partner and long-lasting relationship that they deserve. Self-love is the first step towards romantic love, said Jacqueline, but “love manifestation” can also help.

THELIST.COM – 13 red flags you can spot on a first date

Mar 03/2023

Jacqueline fae “the Faerymatcmaker” CEO and Founder of IDL Match Club gives you some advice on how to spot 13 red flags on a first date click on read more to read about it.

NEWSMAX – Finding love on valentine’s

Feb 14/2023

Interview to IDL’s CEO and Founder Jacqueline Fae “the Faerymatchmaker” on February 2023 for Newsmax taking about how to find love on valentine’s day, if you want to see this video click on the link.

KCTV5 – How to find a date for Valentine’s Day

Feb 13/2023

Watch this if you’re still looking for a date for Valentine’s Day. Grace and Bill are joined by a celebrity matchmaker who shares her tips on how you can lock down plans with a new partner without dealing with any of the awkward pressure.

INSIDER.COM – 12 biological factors that make you attracted to someone

Feb 13/2023

Jacqueline Fae, a dating coach and the founder of IDL MATCH CLUB, told insider all five senses factor into a couple’s compatibility too. “You need all of them to have a like the ultimate attraction,” she said.

Here are some of the ways people are biologically drawn to each other.

INFLUENCIVE.COM – The inspirational mompreneur behind multi-million dollar matchmaking venture

Nov 29/2021

To some extent, recent advancements in technology have made it easier to wear many hats. But even in the face of the tools and platforms that make it possible to juggle different responsibilities, it’s still undeniably daunting to strike a balance between being a mother and spearheading the rise of one’s venture.